Postpartum Doula

Hayley Swedelius is a nurturing, experienced postpartum doula in the Bellingham, Washington area. Including Whatcom, Skagit, and Island counties. As your postpartum doula I can provide the following:

  • Care for older children/baby(ies) while parent(s) sleep, shower, grocery shop, etc.
  • Help with successful breastfeeding
  • Make meals or meal prep
  • Emotional support
  • Grocery shop or run quick errands
  • Light house cleaning, such as laundry and dishes
  • Teach basic baby care to parent(s) such as diapering (using paper diapers or cloth), burping baby, wearing baby in a sling or other carrier, swaddling or soothing a crying baby, etc.
  • Help the family and older siblings transition smoothly into having a new baby in the house
  • Overnight care for parents who need more sleep or have twins or multiples
  • Additional help with a premature baby or newly adopted baby

Families who receive the support from a postpartum doula often have a more well-adjusted family with parents who feel capable, positive, knowledgeable, healthy, and well rested. Because of this, they can better care for themselves and their children. Mothers should be confident in their breastfeeding relationship with baby(ies) after receiving focused support. They also are at a greatly reduced risk of postpartum depression because they have had a consistent, knowledgeable, and nurturing doula. Partners/Dads should also feel more confident in their roles in caring for the new mom and baby(ies) and be better rested as well.

My postpartum doula fee is $15-25 per hour depending on your needs, how many babies or children you have, and what time of day or night you need me. I also charge for mileage driven. Payment can be made daily, weekly or bi-weekly, I am flexible.

Call or email me to ask questions or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs. You can call anytime before or after you have your baby(ies).

Thank you for visiting! I hope to hear from you soon.

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